Buffalo Blitz Live

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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
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€2000 / $3000 / 20 000kr
200 free spins

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€1000 / $1000 / 10 000kr
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18+| Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

Buffalo Blitz Live slot REVIEW

Buffalo Blitz Live Game ReviewAre you tired of spinning those reels all by your lonesome? Do you enjoy watching Twitch live streams of famous slot players? If you answer yes to at least one of those questions, you will probably love Buffalo Blitz Live slot. It had to happen sooner or later, and Playtech is the first to introduce this groundbreaking concept to the business and the casino world. This happens hot off the heels of their revolutionary Quantum Blackjack Live, and you can now play the super-popular Buffalo Blitz with a community feel and commentary from a live host.

Keep in mind that the volatility has been changed from high to low/medium, which is a good idea since a very volatile game would require a lot of commitment to not miss out when the bonus round is finally triggered. We saw the bonus round triggered several times before we started our 200 spins session (read all about that further down in the review), and you can still win up to £250,000 on a single spin here. All the game mechanics and features are the same as the original game, but you can now chat with other players and the live host via the chat box. This adds a new dimension to playing online slots for sure, but we also understand that this will not be for everyone.

Some players will probably not like the fact that you might miss out if you take a break, as the reels keep spinning every other second no matter what. The upside is that you get to share the lows and highs with a large number of other players, and the host will keep you entertained during the base game grind. We don’t see this concept taking over for regular slot play, but it’s a nice way to diversify your gaming experience and try something different once in a while. Hopefully other developers will follow in Playtech’s footsteps, as it would be fun with more options in the live slot department.

Buffalo Blitz Live

What are the bonus features?

The only bonus feature in the base game is the diamond wild symbol. The wild can appear on all reels except the first one, and this means that it can land on reels 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. It will step in for all regular symbols to help you form winning combinations, but it cannot step in for the other special symbol, namely the scatter.

Free spins in Buffalo Blitz Live

This game is really all about the bonus round, and you trigger the free spins feature by landing at least 3 “free games” scatter symbols anywhere on the same spin. You can get up to 100 free spins if you land 6 scatters, and it works as follows:

3 scatters gives you 8 free spins

4 scatters gives you 15 free spins

5 scatter gives you 25 free spins

6 scatter gives you 100 free spins

The diamond wild can land on all reels except reel 1 during the bonus round also, but now it comes with random multipliers of 2x, 3x and 5x attached. You can get extra spins by landing scatters during the feature, and 2 scatters gives you 5 new spins. If you get 3 or more scatters you get the same amount of extra spins as listed up above, and there is no upper limit as to how many times you can retrigger the bonus round like this.

How to play

Since this is a Community Live Slot experience, things work a little differently than if you play the regular Buffalo Blitz by yourself. First of all, you need to decide how many spins you want, and choose how much you want to wager per spin. The options you have will vary somewhat between different casinos, but you can usually bet as low as 20p per spin.

It’s not really possible to play only one spin at the time with the Live version of Buffalo Blitz, but these limits will also vary from casino to casino. Usually you can choose between 10 and 99 spins, and you can then hit the “autoplay” button to get started immediately. Before you get started however, it’s a good idea to set your loss limit to a chosen level, and you can also set up a win limit. In addition, you can make the autoplay feature stop after the bonus round has been triggered.

It is possible to request manual spins from the live dealer, and she will then hit the big red button for you. This is more of a gimmick than a useful feature really, but it can be fun at times. We find that it’s advisable to settle for a number of spins you are comfortable with, and it can be a good idea to start with a somewhat low bet level at first, until you get more used to the live experience.

Once you hit the autoplay button, you will participate in the number of spins you chose. You can then lean back and watch how it goes, or you can chat with the other players and the dealer via the chat box feature. The game goes on until your spins are used up, or you’ve reached a set loss or win limit. Of course, you can stop your participation at any given time via the big red “stop” button.

The live host will continuously talk about what is going on, and keep the enthusiasm running as she chats with the players. It’s optional to interact with him/her, or anyone else for that matter, but it can make your gaming experience more interesting for sure. After all, if you wish to play in peace you can go for the regular Buffalo Blitz slot instead.

Where to play Buffalo Blitz Live?

The regular Buffalo Blitz is very popular, especially in the UK, but the Buffalo Blitz Live slot is not quite there yet. A live slot experience is probably not for everyone, but you can still find the live version at some decent casinos. We have walked you through how to play this game above, and here we will present you with the options you have for where to play it. These options are somewhat limited however, as you cannot really play a free demo version of this game, unfortunately.

Play for real money

If you want to play Buffalo Blitz Live slot, you will have to go for the real money action right off the bat. We scan the whole market for you on a daily basis here, so you get the best possible overview of where to play Buffalo Blitz Live. The link takes you to the top of this page, where you’ll find a nice selection of casinos that carry this game. You can pick and choose as you wish, and grab a welcome bonus while you’re at it.

Play free demo version

Since this is a live game, you cannot really play a free demo version anywhere. The best you can do is to join the live game session, and watch as the live host plays the game while other players wager. You don’t have to wager to be part of the session, and you can choose to join in at any given time when you feel comfortable doing so. This is almost like a free demo game, as you don’t risk anything while observing and learning how things work.

The 200 Spins Buffalo Blitz Live Experience

Buffalo Blitz Live represents a totally new direction for online slots, and of course we had to check out what this was all about. We decided to take it easy at first, and just observe for a while. This way we could ease our way into the gameplay when we felt ready for it. We soon realized that missing out is no fun, so we jumped aboard with both feet after a bonus round had just finished.

Of course, a live experience depends to some degree on the host or hostess, as no person is alike. Some are better at their job than others, and some might just be having a bit of an off night. Our hostess was all smiles and she certainly had the gift of the gab. She kept talking about the game like it was the most interesting thing in the world, which it kind of is for the people playing, at least for the time being.

We liked the community feel of all being in the same boat, and there were many funny comments on the chat that made us laugh out loud a few times. One memorable one was when a frustrated player said to the hostess: “How long did you go to school for this job?”. She gracefully did not reply. Anyway, the game plays out pretty much like the regular version, and we chose 99 spins with a bet level of £1 per spin.

It did not take all that long before the bonus round was triggered, and our hostess made each spin feel special. We got a few decent wild multiplier wins, and got 5 extra spins also, in addition to the 8 we started with. In the end we got away with a decent 56x our stake total win, and the hostess congratulated us with what she claimed was a big win.

Review Summary

It’s a good thing that the volatility has been lowered in the Live version of Buffalo Blitz, as otherwise the game would require too much commitment for a lot of players. Just imagine, you grind the base game for a long time, only to take a short break and then the bonus round is triggered. In other words, you missed out. This is a real possibility when playing a live slot like this, and it would be a hell of a lot worse if the game was as highly volatile as the original is.

The bonus round is triggered a lot more often in Buffalo Blitz Live, as the volatility is low to medium. You can still win up to £250,000 in this live game however, which is solid. When it comes to being “gambling aware”, do keep in mind that the live host will actively encourage people to play on when losing streaks happen. The community feel is okay, but the host can be a bit too much after a while, so in the end we prefer the regular version of this game.


Unique and innovative slot/live game hybrid

Real-time interaction with live host and players

Low to medium volatility and £250,000 max win potential


You can miss out if you take a break as the spins never stop

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God of Storms Live Slot - was released almost a year after the game at hand, and it’s the second community live slot Playtech has released so far. Being part of the Age of the Gods series, it comes with 4 different progressive jackpots. You will also benefit from wild winds respins (yes, you read that correctly) with a progressive win multiplier up to 5x. It’s pretty much the same as the original game, but with the added community feel and live host interaction.

Buffalo Blitz - is the original and very popular Playtech game that was chosen to be their first live community slot. This version is highly volatile, and it comes with stacked buffalo symbols of higher value, as well as a bonus round with up to 100 free spins and multiplier wilds up to 5x. The max win is £250,000 on this game as well, and it’s really all about the bonus round.

Age of the Gods - God of Storms - is the original version of the second game Playtech has chosen to convert into a community live slot. It’s all about the greek gods here, and the stacked Argo wild plays a central part. It will trigger the Wild Wind Respins feature, where you’ll see Aeolus blow the stacked wild 1 position to the left per spin. This increases the multiplier by 1x per movement, and up to 5x multipliers are possible here. Of course, you can also win 4 randomly triggered jackpots.


Buffalo Blitz Live Slot FAQs

What is the Return to Player of Buffalo Blitz Live slot?

This game has an RTP of 95.96 %, just like the original Buffalo Blitz. This is around the industry average, and you can learn more about RTP and volatility here.

How volatile is Buffalo Blitz Live?

While the original game was highly volatile, the Live version comes with low to medium volatility. This is wise, as a volatile game would require total commitment not to miss out when the bonus round is finally triggered. Here you get a new chance quite often, which means you can take a break without being afraid of missing out on anything.

What is the biggest win possible here?

You can still win up to £250,000 in Buffalo Blitz Live slot, just like in the original game.

What is the difference between the regular game and Buffalo Blitz Live?

The live version keeps spinning whether you participate or not, and taking a break from placing bets means that you might miss out on a bonus round or a big win. That does not happen with the original game, as you set your own pace. Also, the volatility has been changed from high to low/medium to counter the “missing out” factor. Of course, you also get commentary from the live host or hostess, and a chat box to interact with him/her and the other players.

Is there a free spins mode in Buffalo Blitz Live slot?

Yes, and it works the same as in the original game. You can get up to 100 free spins, and wilds that land can now have a multiplier value up to 5x attached.

How many winning ways are available in Buffalo Blitz Live?

There are 4,096 ways to win in this game, same as the original Buffalo Blitz.

Can I play Buffalo Blitz Live slot for free?

No, not really. You can, however, watch the game being played without risking anything. You do this by joining a session in a casino of your choice, and simply hold your horses and don’t place a bet until you feel ready for it.

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